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Hi! I'm Allan Thomas Chiulli, Author of Winning in the Digital Tornado, Educator, Entreprenuer, Executive and Business Coach.

I can share insights with your group on how the Digital Tornado is not just affecting your employees, but organizations across every industry. 

Better still, I can share with your group a step-by-step response to this continuing challenge of digital transformation.

Subject:      Digital Transformation, Career Rejuvenation in a  Digital Age, Path to Digital Savvy and Digital Disruption.

Type:      Motivational, Self-Help, Business, Technology, Keynote.

Tone:      Informal, Non-Technical for Corporate and Business Audiences.

Length:      50 Minutes.

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Here Is What Your Group Will Learn

The modern workforce faces a continuous struggle to stay abreast of rapid digital transformation. Those falling behind face significant challenges in their current work environment or after an involuntary departure. The pain from digital disruption is called the Digital Tornado and includes unemployment, underemployment, missed promotions, having to start over and worrying about what tomorrow brings.

Allan Thomas Chiulli, author of Winning in the Digital Tornado, is a former Financial Technology CEO. Finding himself Digital Obsolete due to his micro-focus on Financial Tech, Allan realized that he needed a path to catch up by becoming Digital Savvy. Unable to find such an educational path, Allan created his own step-by-step and easy-to-follow path to Digital Savvy, which lead to his book, online DigitalEd education experience and public speaking.

In his personal and heartfelt manner, Allan describes his amazing journey from Digital Obsolete to Digital Savvy and his step-by-step and easy-to-follow path to self-empowerment in a Digital Age. By the conclusion, the audience believes “Yes, I can do this! I can become Digital Savvy and Win in the Digital Tornado!” The result is renewed career confidence, relevance and peace of mind.

Allan's Recent Publications

Winning in the Digital Tornado, Blackcard Books 2018, 250 pages.

“The Tokenization of Research: A Token, Smart Contract and Blockchain-Based Research Platform for Wall Street” TABB Forum (Wall Street’s Leading Thought Leadership Forum) 2017-2018, 5 part series.

DigElearn Blog at, 2018 Bi-weekly.

Allan's Startups

DigElearn: Online digital learning membership experience.

UAT, Inc.: Equity trading software based on Allan’s 16 patents and a branding and distribution relationship with Bloomberg.

Curian Capital: Asset manager with $21 Billion in assets under management.

​​​​​National Planning Holdings: Financial planning firm sold for $375 million.

Allan's Education
M.B.A. Finance,
California State University at Long Beach.

M.S. Geology,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

B.A. Political Science and Economics,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Phi Beta Kappa honors.
Allan's Guarantee

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Willing to speak without stipend to civic groups in Austin – Dallas – Ft Worth – Houston – San Antonio area.

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