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Hard Copy Of Allan's Book


Get Winning in the Digital Tornado ($32.00 retail value): You pay only $6.95 for shipping & handling.

6” x 9”,  250 page book (hard copy, not ebook) contains Allan's easy to follow, step-by-step path to becoming Digital Savvy.

Quick, bite-size learning modules on top relevant digital technologies.

What a business person needs to know, not a deep dive into tech specs.

Provides valuable digital knowledge and insight that will change on how you look at your career, business and life.

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1 Month FREE DigElearn Membership


24/7/365 access to 20 up-to-date digital learning modules.

A step-by-step and easy-to-follow path to Digital Savvy, using Continuous Bite-Sized Learning.

Each module contains an Introductory
Video, Core Curriculum
and Additional Resources.

No content is gated: Go as deep as you want or need, as often as you want, whenever you want.

Visit each module whenever, wherever and as often as you want. No limit!

The DigElearn Learning experience  is built for the busy professional!


1 Month FREE of DigElearn's Daily Digital Emails


Monday thru Friday get DigElearn's Daily Digital Emails.

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Also, we curate the best digital content on the Internet and present the very best to you. 

We spend hours every day reviewing content - so that you spend as little as 2 to 3 minutes a day to stay ahead of digital transformation!

DigElearn's Daily Emails are built for the busy professional!


Bonus: FREE​​​​​ DigElearn Extras


Allan’s DigElearn Blog and Podcast - latest in digital thought leadership.

Progress to Digital Savvy Quiz - Easy way to measure your starting point, knowledge and progress over time, take it anytime!

DigElearn Digital Glossary - defines digital terms. 

DigElearn 3-Step Digital Interview & Meeting Strategy Preparation for:
Interviews, Product Marketing, General Marketing or Sales Meetings.

The 3-Step Method is how you apply your Digital Savvy to professional meetings.

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